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Christ Church Episcopal<br>Norcross, Georgia

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Christ Church Episcopal

Welcome Message
How we Worship
Our Parish Family

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Welcome Message

Sundays at Christ Church are simply a wonderful place to be!

You will find Godís joyful, living presence in a parish large enough to offer you an array of services yet small enough to know your  name. 

We offer a variety of programs for spiritual development for adults and children.  We encourage fellowship and provide social gatherings to nurture families and friendships.  

In our last few years, our church members have begun a greater focus on service work for the homeless and the hungry in our area.  We have an annual mission project in Haiti.

Christ Church offers spiritual direction and pastoral counseling. We have church members who are Stephen Ministers available for lay caring ministry, and we have a womenís group, the Daughters of the King, who participate in prayer, bible study and service.

We have an 8:00 am service with no music and a 10:30 am service with choir on Sunday. We also have a healing service at noon every Wednesday.

We are an accepting and diverse group.  Please feel free to come as you are, whether you are wearing a suit or jeans!

How We Worship     

Our visitors often have diverse denominational  backgrounds. Some visitors are familiar  with our services, and some are not.   Please do not worry if you do not do something at the right time!  Follow along with what your neighbors are  doing, and you will be fine. 

As Episcopalians, we use the Book of Common Prayer for our liturgy, a word that means a body of rites used for public worship.  To follow the service, our ushers provide  everyone with a booklet that outlines the service and lists the hymns. A copy of the hymnal and the Book of Common  Prayer are in the shelves in each pew.

Generally, we stand to sing, to read the Nicene Creed (in  the Book of Common Prayer) and to hear the Gospel reading. We kneel for our confession and absolution, and we sit for the Bible readings and sermon.  

We celebrate Holy Communion almost every Sunday.  All baptized Christians are invited to receive  the bread and wine.  Please donít worry  about the process.  Just go to the rail  with the others in your pew and do more or less what they do.  If you do not want to receive Communion,  there is no pressure to do so. You may stay in your seat for prayer. If you have taken your children to the nursery, you may want to go get them during the Announcements so they can receive Communion or a blessing. The choice is  yours.

Our Parish Family

Christ Church  has an attendance of about 150-180 people every Sunday.  Our membership includes families, senior citizens, and some singles.  We are a  small but diverse group. 

Christ Church  began over twenty five years ago in Norcross. Reverend Joel Hudson, now retired, started with a small group of church  members and led the church to its current location on Holcomb Bridge Road. Currently our members live in Gwinnett and even border counties such as Fulton  and DeKalb. 

We  have spacious grounds, a playground,  and a separate building for many of our youth classes. There are other groups that meet at our church, including the  Boy Scouts,  AA,  NA, and others.

 Newcomers Guide

We are always delighted to have visitors at Christ Church. Let us know how we can help you be comfortable here. 

Making New Friends

Christ Church  provides us with a great opportunity to greet our old friends and meet our new  ones.  We have a coffee break after the  first service and before Sunday school. We serve coffee and pastries in our parish hall. Linger and enjoy coffee and fellowship or try  one of our Sunday school classes. And  feel free to ask us questions!  

We do not embarrass our guests. We want you to respect your privacy and yet  welcome you into the community that is Christ   Church.

Feel free to call our church office or contact our vestry members for more information about the church.



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